Behind Nathalie Horse Care is a team of strong, visionary, and dynamic women. Horses are our passion and we are all horse owners, riders, and breeders. Our line of care products for horse and rider has been developed in a close partnership with Nathalie zy Sayn-Wittgenstein. She has an eye for both quality and details.

We will go a long way to give our customers the very best. We have a close collaboration and a constant exchange of ideas with our manufactures and retailers. Each of us has different qualifications and skills and when all are added up, they give our customers – all of you, who are using Nathalie Horse Care – the best care products without us having to compromise with health, quality or environment.

Nathalie Horse Care is manufactured by Persona Group – an ambitious Danish company, which has been owned by the same family since 1947. Rooted in the company DNA is a focus on environment and sustainability. Persano Group was the first company in Denmark to start production products bearing the Nordic Swan Eco Label.



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