Grease, conditioner or oil for your leather? See our guidelines here

The range of leather care products is wide and it can be difficult to find out when it is most advantageous to use the various products.

Leather Soap or Leather Cleanser?

Both products have in common that they effectively cleanse the leather from sweat, dirt and dirt.
Leather Soap is foamed with a sponge, but it is important to use as little water as possible as the water will eventually destroy the stitches.
The foam dissolves solid dirt like old sweat or maybe mud that has been allowed to dry on the leather.
Leather Cleanser is ready to use and just spray on and dry.
Whether you are into one thing or another is different, but we often hear that Leather Soap is used for more thorough cleaning and Leather Cleanser for daily fast cleaning.
Both products clean well and leave the leather clean.

Grease, conditioner or oil to keep the leather soft and supple?

Every horse owner and rider has his or her favorite, so here we will just tell you about the experiences we have with the products.
When the equipment is cleaned with Leather Soap or Leather Cleanser, it is really good to finish with a product that softens and nourishes the leather. Which product we use depends on how the leather feels. If it works soft and adjusts smoothly, it gets oil and is a little drier in it, then we give it Conditioner. If you have warmth in the saddle room, it places extra demands on the leather care. Heat may be needed for substrates, bandages, and other equipment to dry until the next day, but it is also a little hard for the coaches, saddles and boots to become “dehydrated” that way. Equipment that is very dry or not to be used for a period of time can very well be lubricated into Leather Grease. The thick, creamy fat takes some time to penetrate, but in turn makes it even the most dry and stiff leather, soft and supple again.

Tips and tricks

It gives an extra good grip in the saddle if you give the inside of the boots and saddle flaps leather oil just before the ride.
Most riders have tried to sit in the saddle and wanted to sit a little better. Just look at what you can get from riding trousers with grips and how many people try both one and the other kind of pants to find the best ones. Before discarding all the riding breeches, try to give your saddle good care and continue to nourish / moisturize the leather until it simply can’t suck anymore. Keep up to date with great products and VUPTI – you’ll get a better experience.

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