How to groom the horse’s hooves

Although summer has not started in earnest, many horses have dry hooves already. Careful hoof care is incredibly important to the horse’s health and durability.

The good hoof care starts long before we get to the hoof itself, showing feeding, hygiene in the box and regular pruning / shoeing. The hooves grow faster in the summer and become too long, they speck. Dry has lost their elasticity, going beyond just a host of basic and important functions. If the horse is wearing shoes, the seams will loosen and the risk of lost shoes will increase. Talk to your blacksmith about shorter intervals to protect and optimize the daily cleaning and care of the hoofs.

Water for the dry hooves

It is important in providing water to the hoofs during dry periods. A hoof absorbs most of the moisture from the sole (underside of the hoof), but also absorbs fluid through the hoof wall (outside of the hoof). The beam is a good indicator of whether the hoof is dry. The beam must have consistency like eraser. If hard, it is bound to dry and should be used free of charge.

You can do this in the following ways:

• If the horse goes on a fold, you can let the water tank run over, so that it forms and son that the horse must step in to get to the water tank.
• Use the water hose – preferably for 15 minutes.
• Soak the hoof in a tub or bucket without a handle in min. 15 minutes.
• Leave the horse on a soaked surface. It can be old towels, a thick blanket, and water soaking things or the like. Anything that can say water and which the horse will subsequently stand on can be used.
• Pull 3-4 pairs of XXL tennis socks over the hoof and soak them with water.
• You can also buy special socks / hoofs that can be filled with water, water clocks etc. but it is quite functional and cheap at doing something yourself.

When the hoof is well-drained, you use a hoof care product that enhances action and retains moisture, without the hoof losing its ability to breathe.

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