Har du vasket din hest

How to wash your horse

Our riding horses live a completely different life today than the horses in the wild. It is necessary that we keep our horses clean and wash them well when they have sweated and worn equipment (saddle, trense, tire, etc.)

Pure water is not enough to dissolve all the dirt and the dried up sweat. It is perfectly okay that for some days you just rinse the horse thoroughly with water, but sometimes they have to go with a good shampoo made for horses. The PH value is adapted to the horse’s skin and the shampoo is added to the skin and coat. The best way to use a horse shampoo is to fill 10-15 cm. lukewarm water in a bucket and mix the shampoo in. Then just go with a sponge and the water / soap mixture is well massaged into the coat. Rinse well with a water hose and use a sweat scraper eventually. It is a super effective way to wash and saves both water and time by not getting the whole horse wet with the water hose first. They also save a little on the shampoo and the shampoos are plenty effective anyway.
Man and tail get an extra ride with a conditioner. After sitting for 5 min. and you rinse it out, fingers slip easily through your hair and you don’t need to use a brush.

Highlight the color of the horse

In order to highlight the color of the coat against rallies or shows, it is recommended to use one of the shampoos we have made, customized coat colors. The shampoos are added to ingredients that highlight the color pigment in the coat, without compromising the health and care of both fur and skin.

Particularly sensitive skin or allergy

If your horse is particularly sensitive, allergic or you suffer from contact allergies, we have very special products for you.
NATHALIE Foal Shampoo is the Nordic Ecolabel, and in addition, declared in collaboration with Asthma Allergy Denmark. We do not know of other horse shampoos that boast of two such distinguished awards. Foal Shampoo is not only for foals, but also for horses with sensitive skin. It is also a huge gain for the horse owner who is allergic to eg perfume or dyes. These horse owners can now wash loose on the horse, with far more peace of mind. It has super good washing properties and seems at least as luxurious as the other shampoos in the series.

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