…there was a real Princess. She lived in a real castle with all her beautiful horses. The best and the most beautiful of all the horses was Digby, who had won prizes and trophies all over the world. Even though Digby was a world-famous dressage horse, and always was dressed in his Sunday best when he and the Princess travelled the world winning prizes, he so enjoyed his time in the meadows near the castle. He would roll and scratch and get mud all over. “On no, Digby”, said the Princess when she came to fetch him: “Now you are just as dirty as the Swineherd!”

And so, the Princess had to get to work with soap and water to make Digby shine again. But the Princess found it very difficult to find just the right kind of soap for Digby, for he was indeed very dirty. The Princess went to a wise woman and explained her need and luckily, the wise woman had an idea: “We will make our own soap. One that is just right for a Princess, and that will make Digby’s coat shine”, said she.

And so began the fairytale of NATHALIE Horse Care.

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