Sunburn and sun eczema

Summer is here and now it’s time to protect both the horse and yourself from the sun. Like us humans, horses can also be sunburned in the good weather. Many horses get ‘sunburns’ on mules and in tags during the summer season.

The skin’s own immune system is weakened by the sun’s damage. Pay particular attention to changes in the skin, especially in horses with white markings on the head and legs. Quickly put in protection and treatment. For some horses there is no normal sunburn. The problem is due to waste accumulation (impaired liver function) or ingestion of toxic plants. It is typically seen as yellow colored skin in nostrils, mucous membranes, on mules and in tags. This condition is called photosensitization or, more gently, sun eczema. The wounds can look severe and are painful to the horse. Horses suffering from sun eczema will always be particularly sensitive to the sun’s rays. The suffering has come to stay and the horses need extra protection from the sun for the rest of their lives.

Prevention is simple

Preventing traditional sunburn and sun eczema is simple. Lubricate the exposed areas into the sunscreen for horses. The cream should be bold, water resistant and of course with a high sun factor. Sunscreen, made especially for horses, stays longer than many other creams and can withstand the horse grazing, moving in high grass and can withstand a rain shower.

Also, be sure to review the toxic plant folds and contact your veterinarian if you are in any doubt.

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